Website Restructured (Again)

If you’re a regular visitor to the website you’ll notice that I’ve made some changes recently.

The site has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and now has far more pages and sub-pages of information than I can reasonably list in a single menu so I’ve decided to simplify things a little and feature links to the eight pages that are most often visited right at the top of the page. In the right-hand sidebar you’ll now find a menu called “Find Everything Here” with links to the site map (a menu of all my pages) and the blog archives (a list of all my blog entries by month). There’s also search bar (which I may eventually change this from a local search to a site-specific search with Google) and a few outgoing links to related websites. While this approach seems to keep much of the information here hidden away I hope that it will keep the layout cleaner and make the site easier to navigate.

As I find time I’ll be addressing a few details such as some text alignment issues I’m having, adding links to related pages within the site and reinstating the information that was originally contained in the custom sidebar the each page used to have. For some reason WordPress 2.5 totally screwed that up!

I have faith that you can find your way to the important stuff easily and that you’ll also find your way to the site’s nooks and crannies with just a little exploration. Let me know if you run into any problems!

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