Studio Newsletter October 2007

Winter Recital
The Winter Guitar Recital will be held at West Elementary on Sunday December 2 at 2:00PM.

I would love to have everyone perform on every recital but the program will have to be limited to about 15 acts in order to keep the event to a reasonable length.

If you are interested in performing please let me know as soon as possible so I can reserve a spot on the program for you. Students should be in the process of selecting their pieces this week so they can begin work of mastering – and if possible – memorizing their music for the performance.

Students may choose to perform in duos or small groups. This is a great way to get more people involved in the program and for everyone to feel less vulnerable on stage. If you would like to perform with someone else, but don’t know who to ask, I’ll be happy to help you find another student with similar interests and abilities and I’ll also try to set up at least one or two lessons together so I can help you fine-tune your group performance. Also I’ll be available to accompany anyone who requests it.

Those students who are unable to take part in the Winter Recital will be given the first shot at signing up for the Spring Recital scheduled for The Front Room in Baker Center on May 18.

I usually try to book an actual music venue such as Donkey Coffee or The Front Room for recitals, but this year I had a difficult time securing a location and eventually decided on West Elementary. What West lacks in the coolness department is more than made up for by ample parking and a large performance space with lots of room backstage for guitar cases and on-deck performers.

Adult Students
There are currently about 10 of you. You are always more than welcome to perform at the recital but I know that some of you prefer not to play at this event. If you’d be interested in getting all the grown-ups together once in a while to play and sing some songs as a group let me know and if there’s enough interest, we’ll set talk about setting something up in 2008! Also, don’t forget that Studio E holds monthly acoustic jam sessions on Sunday afternoons. Check with Tim or Paula about the dates.

Gift Certificates
The holidays are coming up and I have gift certificates available. Remember that itchy knit sweater your aunt gave you last year? Let your friends and family know that they can help support your musical endeavors by purchasing a set of guitar lessons for you this year.

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