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The site has more little nooks and crannies than I can possibly list in the main menu and it’s just getting bigger all the time. Most of the info that’s not easily accessible from the top menu isn’t that important to the casual visitor, but it’s worth having it archived.

About the site and it’s author.

Who am I?

Booking Information
Considering live music for your special event? Look here.

Contact John
E-mail me via this page.

Disclosure Statement
Items received for review purposes.

A list of the gear I’m using. Mostly for my own reference, because I can’t remember every detail.

Event Archives
A complete list all my performance dates since 2003.

Exclusive Content
Exclusive content for my guitar students. Password protected.

Guitar Instruction
Information about both private lessons and group instruction.

Home Page & Blog
Welcome page and blog. Important announcements are here.

Some links I find useful or interesting.

A repository of one-liners that sum it all up for me.

Upcoming performances, workshops, and other special events.

Photo Gallery
A collection of photos from my travels. (Currently out of order)

My professional resumé.

Recommended Titles
Books and music that I recommend for study and inspiration

School Programs
Information for educators about informances and residencies.

Site Map
You are here.

Song Samples
Listen to mp3’s of my work.

Student Resources
Lots of useful goodies for students of music.

Used Items For Sale
Gently used gear from my collection.