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National Guitar Workshop
New Milford Connectict

Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp
Pomeroy Ohio

Athens Community Music School
Athens Ohio

Athens Middle School
Athens Ohio

Center Elementary School
Marietta Ohio

East Elementary School
Athens Ohio

Greenmont Elementary School
Vienna West Virginia

Harmar Elementary School
Marietta Ohio

North Hills Elementary School
Marietta Ohio

Ohio University School of Music
Music Therapy Deptartment
Athens Ohio

River Valley Community School
Athens Ohio

Warren Elementary School
Marietta Ohio

Washington Elementary School
Marietta Ohio

West Elementary School
Athens Ohio

Artist Statement

“Like many kids, I grew up singing along with the radio and imagining a microphone and an audience in front of me. Through my elementary and high school band experiences I discovered the musical process, and the rewards of working with a group of musicians learning and refining a piece of music. When I began playing the guitar I continued to work in ensemble settings, but I also found a unique voice with which I could express myself as a soloist. In time, the guitar set me on a rich musical journey. Through my work, I hope to give students the chance to experience the craft of creating music and catch a glimpse of the possibilities that await them.”


“…his ‘World on a String’ presentation brought all aspects of the school curriculum together, presenting material in a way that is very interesting, not intimidating, and extremely fun.”
Penny Purdy
Athens Middle School music teacher

“John Horne was one of three teachers at the Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp for our youth session. John’s ability to develop the student’s playing at an accelerated pace during the four-day session was truly masterful.”
Vanessa Kaukonen
owner of Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp

“Thank you for coming to our school. I love the jazz, but the classic part better. I didn’t know that there are four different guitars. I hope you can come again.”
Hailey Zoller
Warren Elementary School student