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I try to keep things positive on the blog but every once in a while I just need to vent. Last weekend I purchased the latest version of Quickbooks Pro for $132.99 and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had as a consumer. Below is the review I posted at Although the software has an overall three-star rating, I notice that as of this writing the one-star reviews outweigh any other rating. You can read all the reviews here. It’s entirely possible that this product may work for you, but I’d be very wary of purchasing Intuit products.

May NOT work on Windows 7 64 bit.
I purchased the download-able version of Quickbooks Pro 2011 from amazon. Everything seemed to work great as far as the install was concerned but the program would not start.

When I called Intuit customer support I was told that I would have to render all of my personal information before getting any help. When I refused to give my home address, phone number, and personal email so that the company could “create an account” for me, the support representative simply hung up on me.

After cooling off I called back, spoke to another representative and gave into their demands. This led to a nearly 3-hour troubleshooting session that ended with the rep actually searching Google for ways to make the software run on my machine! (I could have done that!) He then told me that the problem was with a “third party program” that was needed for Quickbooks Pro to run and referred me to Microsoft. (?)

After all of that I called amazon to get a refund which they could not give to me. The amazon rep did inform me of how to petition Intuit for a refund via email. It appears that Intuit has agreed to give me a refund, but I have not received the check as of this writing.

It was a VERY disappointing and frustrating experience and I will never consider purchasing another Intuit product again!

Update January 26 2011
It’s about a week and a half since I initially contacted Intuit about a refund. Today I received an email from yet another representative asking for a receipt. I already sent in a receipt and was under the impression that the refund was processed and the check was enroute to my mailbox! Now I find out that nothing has happened. Ugh.

Update January 27 2011
Received the refund check today.

Update February 5 2011
A rep from Intuit keeps calling me. They want to speak to me so they can get my information and “send my refund out.” This company can’t even keep track of their own business transactions. Just pitiful Intuit.

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  1. John:

    I totally feel your frustration with QB. I was sitting here tonight struggling with my copy of QB 2008 and I remembered seeing your post about it and a thought crossed my mind. If you’re looking for a application like QuickBooks you might find this online service useful. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it but I haven’t used it myself:

    Hope all is well.


  2. Just had very similar INSTALL experience. Same type of Customer Support “hoops” to jump thru to get past setup errors and get me to a successful install. I’m far from not a novice with software. Problems were totally with QB setup working with Win 7. Aweful experience. I dont think the Inuit folks provided for any TESTING against various system configs. PITIFUL!!!!
    Intuit/QB is now a “greedy monopoly” in this software space & they dont give a darn about QUALITY.
    Just another example of how “QUALITY IS DEAD” in software & tech. Saddest part is we have to accept it or spend huge blocks of time “fighting” against a faceless foe…
    Bottom Line = I feel your pain, John. You are not alone.

  3. John….Or other users who can answer this question. I have quickbooks pro 2011. It has crashed all of my files twice now. My data just disappears from one use to another. It will all be there and then a couple of weeks later when I open the program there is no contens in my files. I have spent endless hours on the phone to tech support in the Philippines and they have to re-build my files. Is anyone else having this problem? I looked up gnucash and found a software called wave accounting. Is that the same program?

  4. I can’t comment on quickboks pro 2011. I have been using GnuCash successfully this year. Printing reports is a little trick to get a handle on, but otherwise I’ve had no issues. I do not think Wave Accounting is the same thing. Never heard of it.

  5. My Quickbooks pro 2011 used to work with my xp—
    foolish me, I upgraded to windows 7 64 bit. The program comes up but hangs up when I try to enter my company information. I’ve tried everything. Tax time finale is coming fast.

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