Recovering A Damaged iTunes Library

iTunes has mysteriously decided to label my library file as damaged twice during the past year now. Recovery is pretty simple if you follow the steps I’m reprinting here from Ryan McCue’s Blog:

“I opened iTunes…and discovered my whole library had disappeared… After a little digging, I noticed that my library still existed, in the form of an “iTunes Library (Damaged).itl” file. It didn’t appear too damaged to me, and I wondered how to import it back into iTunes. After trying iTunes’ import function and finding that didn’t work, I replaced my “iTunes Library.itl” with my damaged one and deleted my “iTunes Music Library.xml” file. After then opening iTunes up again, all my music had reappeared and the world was at peace once again (at least, until I put my rock music back on).”

Hope that helps someone out. I know I’ll probably need to refer to this info again in the future.

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