Rationalizations and Expectations

Most people don’t get in their car and worry about being killed on their way to the store. Even though we may be drinking coffee, fiddling with the cell phone, and singing along to the radio, none of us think it can happen to us. We’re just so good at rationalizing that our behavior is reasonable – even when it’s not.

So why do we stress out about the possibility of making a mistake in a piece of music? I can almost guarantee it will happen. It’s just a question of how well we handle ourselves when it does.

Let’s start reversing those tendencies: be a little more cautious when operating heavy machinery and a little more daring when playing music!

3 thoughts to “Rationalizations and Expectations”

  1. John,

    Well put, and maybe a good lyric as well. I wish I could take your 6-string savvy course. It sounds fun. Long drive from Vienna, though ;-> Hope all is well.

  2. Great reminder, sir. Reading things like Effortless Mastery and Free Play helped to awaken my brain, but there’s nothing like a push from a fellow to keep it all in mind. Thanks

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