Piano Girl

Ah, serendipity. Last week I was strolling through my local library looking for a good book when the words “Piano Girl” caught my eye from the new in non-fiction shelf. Curious, I picked it up and found myself engrossed in one of the most touching, truthful, and funny books I’ve ever read about the life of a musician.

piano_girl.jpgPiano Girl: Lessons in Life, Music, and the Perfect Blue Hawaiian is the Memoir of Robin Meloy Goldsby who started her 30 year career as a lounge pianist quite by accident when she approached the manager of a Nantucket eatery about using their piano to practice before opening. After hearing her practice that first day, the manager employed the musically trained but ill-equipped young woman as the house pianist. With a bit of advice from her father (a working musician himself), lots of on-the-job training, and no small about of risk taking she soon found herself working in some extraordinary situations as well as some depressingly ordinary ones.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has worked as a musician or anyone who has ever wondered what a musician’s life is really like. It will confirm what the musician already knows and shatter the illusions of the non-musician. The life of a working musician is far from what most people imagine it to be, but this book simply and directly reveals just what a rich and beautiful experience it can be for those who follow the path.

One thought to “Piano Girl”

  1. Being seated on the opposite side of the stage, as a listener, I did not expect this recommendation about a performing musician’s memoirs to be all that relatable. Surprisingly, this book is going to be added to my ‘best reads of all time’ list.

    Yes, you will learn a great deal of how life looks from a musician’s point of view, but you won’t be able to finish it without learning something new about yourself.

    Mrs. Goldsby takes you, arm in arm, through her most embarrassing, most heartbreaking, most delightful and lasting memories that will bring out some of those emotions you keep locked in a box, tucked away, that you “try to remember, but hope to forget”. Her adventures in music, love and life will give you an honest and fascinating look into the nature of people and all the dramas, comedies and tragedies that define a lifetime. “Laughter”, she writes, “is a kind of music – the best kind”. Come and get a good dose of it. If you have any doubts about the subject matter, abandon them. ‘Piano Girl’ is about life, with a little background music added in for your entertainment pleasure.

    If you are a musician, if you are a musician’s fan, if you are human, then don’t miss this one. It will leave a personalized imprint on every reader who ventures in, regardless of whether you came for the music, or just for the meal.

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