A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you’ve surfed onto this page hoping to read about an idealistic and reasonably attractive young musician playing his guitar and singing in the sun to large crowds of enthusiastic art and music lovers, then you, I’m sorry to say, have come to the wrong web page. You’ll want to press the back button on your browser now. Go on and press it, before it’s too late.

You’re still here are you?

If, however, you would enjoy reading a gloomy entry about outdoor musical performances in inclement weather with poor attendance, broken guitar strings, malfunctioning wireless units, disappearing automobiles, austere police stations, mysterious South African taxi drivers and city impound lots at dusk, then you, dear reader, you have indeed come to the right place. Because, not unlike the United States Army, being a musician is not only a job; it’s an adventure.

John Horne Newsletter 5-10-2005

Friends and Neighbors,

This weekend I’ll be playing two shows:

On Friday the 13th I’ll be at Donkey Coffee with violin virtuoso Heather Pinson joining me on several tunes. I book Donkey Coffee with all of my young students and their families in mind. A refuge from cigarette smoke and alcohol, this is the place to bring the whole family, enjoy an evening of music with a mug of something delicious and maybe even a game of scrabble. Please come by tempt fate with us this Friday the 13th.

If we all survive Friday the 13th I’ll be playing solo downstairs at The Blue Gator on Saturday the 14th. I’m not sure how we musicians are expected to concentrate on the music there, what with all of that delicious food passing right by the stage, but somehow we do. Check out the Gator’s website for their new menu.

Hope to see you this weekend!

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