Feedback from Fall 2015-2016 Classes

I really needed to see these comments. I’m so thankful to know that I had a positive impact on my students despite not always being in the best frame of mind. I expected this semester to be much easier but having time to reflect on the loss of my mother often left me feeling depressed during the most unexpected times. It seemed that every day I was somehow reminded of my mother and father and everything we had been through a year earlier. Things keep getting easier, though and these comments helped remind me why I love to teach.

Responses from MUS1650 Guitar for Music Therapy

• He is a wonderful teacher and a fantastic guitar player. You know that he can play all the songs he is teaching us in his sleep, but he slows them down and makes everything very accessible.

• I love this class.

• I really appreciate the fact that the class was different styles of playing and how to spice things up, besides just learning chords and how to get sound out.

• John Horne is a patient, effective teacher. He finds the weakest link in our abilities and works thoroughly to improve our skill. He uses time efficiently and maintains and enjoyable, teachable environment at all time.

• This class is one of my favorites!

Responses from MUS1651 Guitar for Non-Majors

• Great class and great professor!

• I enjoyed the class even though i am an experienced guitar player. Professor Horne broke down songs and guitar playing methods in ways i never thought of and he made them so clear and easy to understand. Before this class i barely knew how to finger pick but now I know several different methods and have been getting better at them every time i practice. Overall this was a very enjoyable class and Professor Horne is a great teacher.

• I love John Horne as a guitar teacher. He’s very patient which is definitely needed in the profession.

• I really enjoyed this class. I was a self-taught guitarist up until this point and Professor Horne has definitely taught me skills that I was not aware of. This class is extremely fun and rewarding if you put the effort into it. I wish that there were more “non-major” guitar classes, since it served as a nice break from other tedious classes. Overall, I would and have recommended this class to anyone who is even remotely interested in learning more about music and the guitar.

• I thought that this class was fun and a nice break from all my dryer, boring classes. I have always wanted to learn to play and was very pleased with John Horne’s teaching. He was super helpful and enthusiastic. He showed a real knowledge about guitar.

New Year, New Website

I’ve been doing a lot of decluttering around my home over the past several weeks and that activity has now spilled over on to the website. I’ve updated to a more modern theme and worked to keep the primary menus and pages minimal – focusing on only on the most basic information visitors might be seeking. More detailed articles will be included in the blog. It feels pretty good on this side of the monitor.

Feedback from Spring 2014-2015 Classes

• Even while going through personal crisis, John Horne was so committed to our Class Folk Guitar. He is an amazing musician and teacher, and very passionate about his music and his students.

• I enjoyed his class so much!! He is a dedicated professor who never leaves anyone behind.

• I love Mr. Horne’s class.

• John Horne is an effective instructor for the class, however, I would suggest that there should be more graded assignments for the class and more opportunities to play in front of the class. This may cause more stress, however it would make the students practice more to be more prepared. I feel the class should be a little more challenging, but then again, the freedom of learning was nice to go at my own pace.

• Professor is a good teacher and also a awesome musician. He can use many ways to explain the techniques about guitar, and also being patient to correct us one by one. He is very good !!!

• Very friendly and eager to help students with anything guitar related. He had given me great advice on things such as building an electric guitar and modification of and cleaning both electric and acoustic guitars. He gives you the tools needed to improve playing in many different styles that can be built upon even after the class is done.

• He is a really great guy. Very patient and very kind

• I enjoyed the energy in the class. There wasn’t a lot of pressure to perform well all of the time and I really liked coming to class and learning to play guitar!

• Loved this class! John Horne is helpful and knows how to explain complicated concepts in an enjoyable and understandable way. He kept the class fun, and was always helpful and encouraging!

• Great learning opportunity for students led by an excellent educator