OU AMTAS Restringing Workshop

I’ve been enjoying working with the music therapy students at Ohio University for the past couple of years now. One thing we’ve never fully addressed in class is when and how to change their strings. I’ve purposely avoided dealing with this in the past because I felt that no matter how well I explain the process, unless the students receive have hands-on experience they’re not likely to remember it when they change strings down the road. Eventually I realized that many of the students were playing on the strings that came on their guitar when they purchased it. In at least one case this meant the strings were over two years old – yikes!

So last night I gave a presentation to the Ohio University chapter of AMTAS. The good folks at D’Addario Strings sponsored the event and provided strings for everyone in attendance and enough string winders for those who wanted help changing their strings during the workshop. The left over strings were donated to the music therapy department and will be used for student and client guitars as needed.

I was a little chagrined by the students eating pizza while changing strings, but there’s only so much I can control. 🙂

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