Origami CD Case

I’m often burning CDs for my students but I’m too cheap to give them a jewel case or CD sleeve with it. I figure if they value the CD they’ll find a way to protect it. Well, yesterday, I discovered a method to make an origami CD case out of a standard 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. It’s handy, economical, and cool. I know I’ll be using this a lot. You can download the instructions here, and as usual I’ll keep the info available on the student resources page. Happy folding!

2 thoughts to “Origami CD Case”

  1. it’s a perfect way to individualize the mood or vibe of the cd by pasting your own graphic or picture on the front before you begin. i didn’t mind a little metal exercise to fold it together. i won’t be using cold, sterile plastic cd cases ever again.
    simple and sane.

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