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Even as an iPod/iTunes user I’ve never been a subscriber to many podcasts. Apart from the occasional NPR show I’d missed, I just didn’t want to spend time downloading podcasts without some assurance that I’d actually enjoy the content. However, I’ve recently run across the No Idle Frets Jazz Guitar Podcast by Nick Carver which may change my listening habits.

Each No Idle Frets podcast lasts approximately 30 minutes and focuses exclusively on jazz guitar music. So far, I’ve listened to episodes #75, #79, and #80 and have enjoyed hearing some really fantastic cuts including an as-yet unreleased track from the extraordinary Jimmy Bruno. The shows do seem to emphasize the more traditional, straight-ahead type jazz players but Nick also occasionally features an acoustic fingerstyle track or a more contemporary Mike Stern-influenced sound as heard on Chris Juergensen’s haunting composition “Shepherd Moon.” There have only been one or two song choices that I didn’t dig all that much but even those cuts have been a hoot: check out Roger Placer’s discoesque “Ten Years Late” in podcast #79.

Nick doesn’t spend a lot of time talking during his podcast but he does give some background on each piece and often gives the listener a heads up on where to download more music from the featured artists at reasonable prices – and with no DRM strings attached. Links to each guitarist can be found in each post so you can easily track down your favorites online.

With Nick having 80 episodes already in the bag, that’s a whole lot of listening to help make all the things I hate to do more bearable. I didn’t even mind doing the dishes yesterday, and I hate doing that.

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  1. This kind of inclusion is quite overdue from you. i’ve enjoyed seeing your recommended albums list thru the years, because i never knew where discovering a new artist would take me, but it was always somewhere good. it’s interesting to know which musicians other musicians are moved by. who’s on your top five ipod playlists this month? what’s some of the best music related gear you’ve used in the last year? any incredible youtube music videos to recommend? ~ ~ keep sharing. ~ ~
    definitely enjoying idlefrets, Juergensen’s sound evokes a blend of Holdsworth & Scofield to me. it’s good stuff, and another artist i would not have stumbled on without crusin’ around your nicely revamped webpages. ~
    keeping us informed and enlightened. that’s just what you do. ~

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