NGW Instructors & Staff

Links updated July 4 2009 I met a whole lot of fantatstic people at National Guitar Workshop again this summer and I thought I might post links to some of their webistes below. If you are looking for a teacher and live near one of these folks you might want to give them a shout, you couldn’t do much better. If I missed an important website, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

Jason Beaudreau
Scot “Little” Bihlman
Tomas Cataldo
Angus Clark
Murali Coryell
Kal David
Tom Dempsey
Mike Dimin
Jane Getter
Geoff Hartwell
Django Haskins
James Hogan
Brett Hostetter
Harry Jacobson
Pat Johnson
Steve Johnson
Rick Landwehr
Lou Manzi
Peter Mazza
Jeff McErlain
Amanda Monaco
David Overthrow
Mark Poley
Steve Raleigh
Jason Shadrick
Matt Smith
Andy Stack
Colin Stack
Terry Syrek
Tracy Walton
Robert Ward
Gabe Wright
Mark Yodice
Zach Zuchowski

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