Music Around The Web: Pat Metheny Edition

Since Pat Metheny’s new trio CD “Day Trip” was released last week, quite a few interviews and bonus materials have come to my attention. Here are the best of them:

Day Trip
Listen to samples, read reviews, look at Pats crazy hairdo, and buy the CD or MP3’s at Amazon.

For hardcore fans like me, an additional track is available on iTunes.

The Day Trip Commentary Podcast
Pat, Christian McBride, and Antionio Sanchez reflect on the making of Day Trip.

Pat on Bob Edwards Weekend
This interview may also be downloaded from iTunes for free.

Reflections From Metheny
Pat talks about everything from creativity to America’s cultural decline on Jambase.

The Guitar Skeptic
Pat talks about the limits of his instrument of choice in The Japan Times.

Pat on Kenny G
This is several years old now but in case you haven’t read it, here it is in it’s entirety.

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