Music Around The Web NGW VA Edition 07-04-09

National Guitar Workshop
A few links related to last week’s NGW in McLean VA

Jeff McErlain Plays “Highlands” at NGW VA 09
A beautiful tune, and some beautiful tones from that strat!

Jeff McErlain Interview In Premier Guitar
An interesting look behind the scenes of August Rush.

Sacred Geometry – Simplifying the fretboard with Pat Martino
This was the handout that went along with Pat Martino’s presentation.

Benedetto Guitars
Benedetto CEO Howard Paul visited us on Wednesday with a carload of guitars.

Angus Clark Plays “Manic Depression” at NGW VA 09
Angus taught the Real Guitar Heroes seminar.

Alex Skolnick Official Website
Alex Skolnick dropped by on Tuesday and discussed his work.

Tobias Ralph
Tobias coached rhythm section classes and was generally funny as hell.

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