Music Around The Web Athens OH/Ohio University Edition

A few links to things that are happening in my neck of the woods:

Tuneful Treatment
OU Music Therapy students use music to soothe hospital patients and visitors.

Valve Trombonist Ernie Bastin
Former trumpet player turns to the the darkside…

Interview with Ricky Suk in School Band and Orchestra
Dr. Richard Suk directs “The Most Exciting Band in the Land!”

Outlook: Marching 110 to perform at Rose Parade
The Rose Parade’s president-elect visits campus to create buzz.

A hip alternative web-zine run by OU Journalism and Communication students.

Jazz Ensembles Revisit Classics by Experimenting with Improv
Nice picture and topic, unfortunately the article doesn’t really have any point to it.
More news about Athens and OU than you can shake a stick at.

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