Music Around The Web 12-22-2010

Blue Note Records Photography of Francis Wolff
Amazing photographs of the masters in the moment.

Scooby Sax Transcriptions
Lots of great sax transcriptions worth practicing on guitar.

Clawhammer Acoustic Guitar Lesson with Steve Baughman
This ain’t as easy as it looks. And check THIS out.

WIU Guitar Professor Matt Warnock Profiled
Matt is one busy dude.

Fail-Safe Guitar Tuning
An old, but good article by my luthier Gene Imbody.

Joe Satriani’s Live Setup Revealed
Behind the scenes on the Wormhole Wizards tour.

An interesting site to research lyrics and the meanings and stories behind songs.

Iiro Rantala New Trio “Sh*t Catapult”
Forget the title, this is some eclectic musical creation.

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