Music Around The Web 12-19-2005

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly edition.

The Good:
Starbuck’s Confirms New Evolution Hear Music Coffeehouses
Hallelujah! It would take someone from outside the industry to try something revolutionary!

Music Industry Failing To Halt Illegal Downloads, Poll Finds
The industry needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt to support artists instead of lawyers.

The Bad:
Iran’s President Bans Western Music
“The decision shows a lack of knowledge and experience.” says Iranian guitarist.

Song Sites Face Legal Crackdown
PowerTab Acrhive is already gone.

Ear Buds : Whats Loud Music Today May Fall On Deaf Ears Tomorrow
People are listening at 120 dB? Check out this chart for an explanation of why this is so bad.

The Ugly:
Tape Of Keith Richards’ Electrocution Up For Auction
I didn’t know about Keith’s brush with death. Do you suppose that explains the leathery skin?

One thought to “Music Around The Web 12-19-2005”

  1. Outstanding collection of articles here John!

    1. Starbucks with an integrated music bar.. who can’t deal with this? have your steaming fresh latte and burn a disk of your favorite songs while you sip ….hum, better buy stock now… it’s a caffeine/music lovers dream come true.

    2. downloading music. no comment. but let it be known, i have a crappy dial up modem… did you hear me Bush?

    3. Iran bans western music. Bad Idea. all that will do is instantly create a greater desire. will we hear an entire nation chant, i want my MTV…. sounds like an excellent way to have the ringing of revolution develop a deeper, bolder rhythm… the underground will never let such laws keep great music, of any orgin, out of the ears of those that love it for the sake of what music really is, the greatest good that mortals can know and all of heaven we have below…

    4. Tab sites. it will be a battle from here on out. not quite as bad as the songs face. but there is some really bad tab out there, that’s not worth downloading, and if it is your fav artist/album, i’m bettig most will pay the price to get the right version.

    5. Ear Buds. what did you say? O, but the bass is so nice out of those! take this one seriously, children, or else you won’t be rockin’ to the good ol days without a hearing aid. and you know how hard it is to find the batteries for those…. headmuffs will stage a comeback. look for cool colors to show up and ones plastered with your favoite band… i think Ted L. Nancy should write a letter about this….

    6. Keith Richards. lol. yes, i think it might explain that marlboro man effect. yeow, though, that must have left a mark! after you win that on Ebay and watch it 10 times, then what?

    John, nice selection. and your top movies of ’05 post is excellent too. keep up the good work of spreading worthy news.

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