Music Around The Web 12-12-2006

Jazz News: Guitar Icon Pat Metheny Interviewed at All About Jazz
Pat discusses his latest collaboration with pianist Brad Mehldau

Guitar Player TV
Videos and lessons from Guitar Player Magazine. You could spend all day here!

Solo Transcriptions by Steve Khan
These were a cool find. Handwritten transcriptions by guitarist Steve Khan with accompanying analysis and sound clips. Unfortunately they’re a bit hard to read.

Ten Guitar Tips and Exercises from Joe Satriani on YouTube
Good basic exercises from Joe.

Mimi Fox: “When When The Saints Go Marching In” on YouTube
Damn, Mimi is just the bomb.

Reindeer Arm Wrestling
There’s nothing like a trash-talking reindeer to get me riled up!

2 thoughts to “Music Around The Web 12-12-2006”

  1. i was kinda sad and dejected going into this extended break from lessons, wondering what i was going to do with all my time besides practice, practice, practice…but now, I’ve got places to go and people to see and be inspired by! These are some way cool interviews, videos and transcriptions (and redneck fun & games) for me to wade thru over the next few weeks. Excellent material, John, your website is groovin’!

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