Music Around The Web 12-02-2007

Douglas Niedt’s Technique Tip of the Month
A Christmas gift: A nice arrangement of “Away In A Manger”.

YouTube – Eric Clapton Shreds
This is just too funny.

NPR: Anoushka Shankar Blends Traditions on New CD
The clips sound enchanting. Also features Guest appearances by Sting & Norah Jones

Jazz Guitar Solos Dot Com
A new transcription service by my good friend M.D. Elliott. – The Legacy Lives On
I’m not as fanatical about Ted as some guitarists are, but he was a fantastic musician.

iTunes Companion For Yahoo! Widgets
Kinda cool, although I stopped using it already.

Hometracked – All Linkin Park Songs Look The Same
Can you say FORMULA boys and girls?

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