Music Around The Web 08-08-2010

Artist Pablo Lobato’s portraits on Flickr
Simply amazing work. The image above is his interpretation of Wynton Marsalis.

Adam Rafferty: How to play the music of The Jackson 5 DVD
The new release from Adam is here. My review is coming soon…

The Problem with music by Steve Albini
An eye-opening look at how the recording industry functions.

Jackie Mclean on Mars
An interesting documentary about the jazz saxophonist from 1979.

William Gottlieb’s jazz photography on Flickr
Beautiful photos from the golden era of bop.

Nashville Chord Numbers plug-in for Sibelius
I don’t generally use the Nashville system but it’s great to have the capability.

Julian Treasure: The 4 ways sound affects us
We rarely think about the sounds that surround us but they have a huge impact!

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