Music Around The Web 07-25-2010

Obituary: Gene Ludwig / Legendary jazz organist in Pittsburgh music scene
Gene was a national treasure. Rest in peace.

Guitar Center’s King of the Blues 2010 Backing Tracks!
A good collection of free backing tracks. Have fun!

Ted Dunbar’s 38 Bebop Heads
Amanda Monaco blogs about studying with the great Ted Dunbar.

Tips on Nailing an Auditioning – The Sooner You Don’t Give a Crap, the Better
By drummer Mike Radcliffe currently touring with with Stealing Angels.

Essential Hand Stretches For Guitarists
Gently stretching prior to playing will make a huge difference in your performance!

How and Why Wood Changes
A good explanation from Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Gary Numan Plays “Cars” On Two Dozen Cars
Neat gimmick. They are no doubt trying for a viral video!

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  1. Hey John, I just saw you posted a link to my blog. Cool man, thanks. It also got published on a drummers website called drummer cafe.
    Hope all is well.


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