Music Around The Web 07-04-2007

Apple Becomes Third-Largest US Music Retailer
Is there any point in releasing a physical CD now?

Jimmy Bruno Launches Jazz Guitar Instruction Site
Instructional videos from a true master.

Fender’s Andy Summers Tribute Series Telecaster
A replica of Andy’s beat-to-hell 1961 Tele complete with on-board overdrive unit!

Fender’s new VG Strat
One guitar that can give you virtually every sound you need for a live gig or session.

Murali Coryell
Son of jazz legend Larry Coryell, Murali is one hell of a singer and guitarist himself.

Yamaha Folding Music Stand
Folks keep asking about my music stand. This is it. The case is sold separately.

Experiment with hypnotic phasing techniques ala Steve Reich.

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