Music Around The Web 06-23-2007

Doug Niedt’s tip for June 2007
Adrenaline and Altered Perception of Tempo

Dave Weiner’s “Riff of the Week” series on YouTube
Dave covers all the secondary guitar part’s on Steve Vai’s live shows.

Prisoners’ Guitar Strikes Chord With Mark Knopfler
Sound like a pretty cool system of rehabilitation.

Orchestral Etiquette and Protocol
Applies to all musicians, orchestral and otherwise.

Master Your Barre Chords Part 1
Teacher Justin Sandercoe covers all of the bases. Check out parts 2 – 4 too.

The Nautilus from the Thunder Eagle Custom Shop
If Jules Verne was a shredder…

Rich Severson’s “Guitar College”
Poke around, there are some nice arrangements and videos to download.

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