Music Around The Web 06-14-2009

Finding Your Voice: The Basics of Singing for Non-Singers
Something all musicians should be comfortable with.

15 Guitar Tips for Non-Guitarists
Good advice for fledgling guitarists.

Douglas Niedt’s Technique Tip of the Month
June’s tip is about how to properly execute the percussive tambor effect.

Chuck Israels’ Exploring Jazz Arranging
A great resource. Uses the Garritan Jazz/Big Band Library for musical examples.

YouTube: Using the Wii Remote to Control Effects
Wild! This would be a lot of fun to play with!

YouTube: Midsummers Daydream by Rik Emmett and Steve Morse
The 80’s were good decade for the guitar and a bad decade for hair.

Kyle Busch Accepts Lovely Guitar Trophy – Then Smashes It
What an idiot! Warning: Don’t watch the video unless you have a strong stomach.

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