Music Around The Web 05-08-2011

Ted Greene Playing Manhã de Carnaval
Very rare footage of Ted. You can see his notes on how to approach the tune here.

Remembering the Gifted Guitarist, Emily Remler
Another lovely remembrance of Emily. She would have been 54 years young this past week.

Value Yourself – Theodora Goss
An essay on building yourself up and acting with confidence. A great skill for all creative people to have.

For All Those Living
Sheryl Bailey’s newest release sounds sweet.

On Working Musicians
A very thoughtful post from Dan DiPiero on the two faces of the music industry in America today.

Nature Sounds: Night-Stars-Beach
A different kind of composing. Go ahead and create your own.

Farmer Foot Drums
Wow. I gotta get one – or more – of these for my solo gigs!

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