Music Around the Web 04-17-2011

Pat Martino Signature Model Bendetto
Surely an amazing axe. And it ought to be. For $6500.

Fire & Flow: Jimmy Herring’s Ultra-Hip Improv Tips
A great collection of licks and ideas from the Widespread guitarist. Via TrueFire.

An inside look at Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion
A great profile from CBS Sunday Morning. Via Sibeliusblog.

Irregular Meter in Video Games
Two nerdy topics, one great post.

Jet City Weekly Pedal Giveaway
Why am I posting about this? I’m just lowering my odds of winning.

Pianist Dominik Wania on Myspace
Dominik just visited Ohio University. A fantastic young artist to watch.

Van Halen “Ripley”
An unreleased instrumental from the 1984 film The Wild Life.

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