Music Around The Web 04-10-2009

Emily Remler – Unpublished
A collection of rare recordings of Emily now streaming at

SXSW: Ten “Miles Davis” Tips for Guitarists
10 lessons we can learn from Miles’ legendary career.

Get More Out of Your Guitar Lessons
Seattle-based guitar Susan Palmer’s blog.

Jazz Musician Is No Angel On The Harp
Amazing Colombian harpist Edmar Castaneda’s on All things Considered.

Interview with National Guitar Workshop’s Jason Shadrick
Jason is the Sales and Guest Artist Rep for the NGW.

Exercises That Protect Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A few minutes of gentle stretching before playing is always a good idea!

Gary Willis’ Xtreme Sight Reading Web App
Pretty cool, but sponsored by Red Bull which I refuse to ingest!

Musician Wages
THE website for and about professional musicians.

John updates the website:

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