Music Around The Web 03-17-2014


Wow. It’s been a while, but it’s time to resurrect this blog with a new “Music Around The Web” post. Here. We. Go.

Mike Stern creates his “Mike Stern Delay” TonePrint
Mike is one of my top 10 favorite players. It will be fun to try out his settings!

Nile Rodgers The Hitmaker BBC Documentary
I didn’t realize just how important Nile Rodgers was to the past 40 years of pop music.

Fretboard Journal Live: Guitarist Pete Huttlinger
Another one of my favorite players and an amazingly resilient individual.

Myrtill Micheller “Je Dis Non”
Just randomly found this fantastic performance!

Custom headstock Water-Slide Decals
I’m working on a partscaster right now. I hope to top it off with one of these.

Tom Brosseau Plays “I Love to Play Guitar”
I just discovered Tom’s unique songwriting and guitar playing.

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