Music Around The Web 03-10-2010

II V I Tutor for Guitarists
A fantastic resource for learning II V I chord voicings! Start practicing!

Sungha Jung Interview
Finally, the young master speaks!

The Art of Negotiation According to Pawnstars
Good tips to remember if you are buying or selling a used instrument.

Kenny Werner Interview
An interesting discussion on music-making. Food for thought.

The Valleys of Neptune
A new release from Jimi Hendrix!

Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead
The Dead’s influence on the business world may turn out to be a significant part of its legacy.

Wes Montgomery – I Love Blues (1965)
Some really nice footage I’ve never seen before.

2 thoughts to “Music Around The Web 03-10-2010”

  1. You didn’t mention the news that all guitar students need to hear. The reason that you practice is because every once in awhile, a band has open auditions and if you’ve practiced, you may be good enough to just step right into a pretty sweet band.

    Smashing Pumpkins is running open auditions for a bass guitar player for the next couple of weeks. Talk about a chance to step into the big time… They have more information about it on their website, Just think how cool it would be to have one of your students get the gig!

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