Music Around The Web 03-09-2009

Lee Konitz’s 10-Step Method
An approach to improvisation based on embellishment of a song’s melody.

“How I Learn Tunes” by Jason Shardrick
Jason’s own 10-step method to internalizing a song’s harmonic structure.

Alren Roth’s blog at
One of the best guitar-oriented blogs I’ve seen!

Free downloads from film composer Cliff Martinez
My favorite, Solaris isn’t free but several of his OOP soundtracks are.

Guitarist and Composer Jonathon Roth
Jonathon has several fun and contemporary compositions available for purchase.

Jazz licks at
I have no idea how this works, but it’s kinda cool.

YouTube – Ulli Boegershausen plays Right Here Waiting for You
Ulli has a lot of great guitar arrangements, it’s worth checking out each of them!

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