Music Around The Web 03-07-2013

Adam Rafferty’s 10 Tips for Healthy Guitar Practicing
POST OF THE WEEK! Please read and take this to heart. Tip number 9 is especially powerful!

Ron Carter Masterclass at Loyola
I’ve never heard Carter speak before. Interesting video. Some of the Q&A seemed a bit combative.

Robert Fripp’s Diary
I never really got into Fripp or King Crimson, but I have always found him fascinating.

History As Symphony: The African-American Experience In Jazz Suites
Awesome music from the giants. I’m an especially big fan of Oliver Nelson.

10 Great Johhny Marr Riffs
I’m not very familiar with his entire catalog, but I love everything I’ve heard form Marr. See this article also.

Tom Dempsey’s 50 Jazz Masters Licks from TrueFire
Tom is a amazing player and teacher. If you’re into jazz guitar this is definitely worth the price.

Flatfoot 56 “Black Thorn”
Not my usual thing, but I’m really kinda digging Flatfoot 56.

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