Music Around The Web 02-10-2010

How to Give a Performance by Douglas Niedt
A seriously detailed look at how to prepare yourself for performances. A must-read.

13 Things I Learned at the Chris Botti Show
Jason Parker looks at the bright side of smooth jazz.

Practicing with Speed Bursts
A nice little lesson from Sweetwater’s Mitch Gallagher.

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Freelancers
Musicians need to pay attention to this stuff, too.

Preparing for Tour with an Independent Musician
I’d like to do a little regional tour one of these days. Great food for thought in this article.

Orianthi’s “According to You”
Is the guitar neck in the foreground of the video is a nod to Guitar Hero?

Blast Through Daily Chores Using a Playlist Timer
Another great use for music. I always use David Sanborn’s album “Upfront” to get motivated and get things done!

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