Music Around The Web 02-06-2010

Orithani with Steve Vai
Damn! Could she be the guitar hero for the 21st century?

A nice freeware alternative to Band in a Box

Not Playing Guitar
A great blog with lots of stuff to read when you’re not playing guitar.

James Taylor’s 2010 Carnegie Hall Series
I’m sure this will be a great series, I hope it will be broadcast.

Bear’s Battlestar Blog
Composer Bear McCreary blogs about the process of making music for film and television.

John Coltrane Interviews
I was just made aware of these gems. Very interesting to hear.

The Guitar Student Journal
A motivated adult student blogs about his progress studying the guitar.

One thought to “Music Around The Web 02-06-2010”

  1. Thanks for the amazing post. I usually don’t get this much useful info from 10 blogs.

    I love James Taylor. Tickets will probably be gone in 10 seconds.

    Orithani – man, has she got Steve’s move down pat.

    Thanks for the software tip. Always looking for freebies for my students.

    And a Coltrane interview. Never heard him speak before.

    Keep on Truckin… Great stuff.


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