Music Around The Web 02-05-2009

Douglas Niedt’s Tech Tip for February 2009
Talent is NOT the answer.

Acoustic Guitar Community
A new social networking site for guitarists. Sign up. Friend me up.

John Pizzarelli’s Radio Deluxe (Downloads Page)
Great jazz and smart, sassy repartee from John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey.

Mario Kart Love Song
A sweet song inspired by one of the most addicting games ever. And love.

Casa Valdez Studios
For saxophonists, but lots of great info for any student of jazz.

Giant Steps: Simplifying the Coltrane Matrix
An excellent guide to begin navigating Coltrane’s legendary workout.

NGW’s Summer 2009 Guest Artist Roster
A fantastic lineup! Also, Pat Martino is supposed to be at the Virgina campus!

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