Music Around The Web 01-11-2007

Ella Fitzgerald debuts on first U.S. postage stamp of 2007
The First Lady of Song will definitely be on my outgoing mail!

A Guitar Supreme reviewed at Modern Guitars Magazine
An electric guitar tribute to Coltrane. Hadn’t heard of this 2004 release until now.

How To “Relic” Your Guitar
This would be so much fun to try with an expendable strat or tele!

Playing Django Style
A good resource for getting your feet wet in the “gypsy jazz” idiom.

Guitar Shred Show by Mika Tyyskä
Not all that useful, but super fun and creative!

Douglas Niedt’s tip for January 2007
A New Year’s Resolution.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame announces inductees for 2007
Both Dave and Sammy will be honored as vocalists for Van Halen.

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