Music Around The Web 01-05-2010

Million Dollar Guitarist
Website dedicated to Douglas Neidt’s new book. Look for my review soon.

Smalls Jazz Club Live Stream
Watch live music as it happens. Thanks to Lyle of JGL for this one.

The Edge on the future of the guitar
Interesting article. I have to wonder about that Spider-Man musical…

I dig this fun little toy.

So Much Sound
One of the best music blogs I’ve found. Check out the pentatonic lessons!

Write Rhymes
Stuck for a rhyme? Try this page.

Top 100 Jazz Guitar Albums
The results of a vote by readers, this is a good list for jazz guitar neophytes.

One thought to “Music Around The Web 01-05-2010”

  1. Hey John and thanks for the plug…:) I still pinch myself when I check out the Smalls live stream…it’s like being there…without the audience clatter…:)


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