Making the Impossible Possible!

I just finished reading Bill Strickland’s memoir Make the Impossible Possible: One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary.

Strickland is the founder and CEO of Manchester Craftsman’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center in Pittsburgh, PA and although I’ve been there many times (and even worked there briefly while college) I’ve never really had a full understanding and appreciation for what the place was all about. Finally hearing the story of how Strickland used his passion, intuition and will to turn his dreams into a concrete reality that would positively impact the entire community is truly inspiring. It’s also a fantastic testimony to the practical role of art and beauty in all of our lives.

Check out the book and I think you’ll end up seeing your world a bit differently. For the short(er) version of the story watch the following video of Bill Strickland at TED with live accompaniment by Herbie Hancock. The second video shows more about what MCG is all about.

One thought to “Making the Impossible Possible!”

  1. This is powerful testimony. Bill Strickland should be the permanent Secretary of Education for the world.

    His plan is simple. Never give up. Make the creative arts experience the norm for all, not the exception. Which is sadly not the direction of our eroding educational system at present. His enthusiasm is impossible to ignore and his message resonates with simple truths: Inspire, believe and lead. Allow artistic expression to create hope from the ruins of deprivation.

    One, as it turns out, can make a difference.

    Thanks for posting this heartwarming story. In the future of our country’s educational reforms, Strickland’s dreams should be the mortar on which every stone is set.

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