John Horne Newsletter 5-10-2005

Friends and Neighbors,

This weekend I’ll be playing two shows:

On Friday the 13th I’ll be at Donkey Coffee with violin virtuoso Heather Pinson joining me on several tunes. I book Donkey Coffee with all of my young students and their families in mind. A refuge from cigarette smoke and alcohol, this is the place to bring the whole family, enjoy an evening of music with a mug of something delicious and maybe even a game of scrabble. Please come by tempt fate with us this Friday the 13th.

If we all survive Friday the 13th I’ll be playing solo downstairs at The Blue Gator on Saturday the 14th. I’m not sure how we musicians are expected to concentrate on the music there, what with all of that delicious food passing right by the stage, but somehow we do. Check out the Gator’s website for their new menu.

Hope to see you this weekend!

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2 thoughts to “John Horne Newsletter 5-10-2005”

  1. If you are going to keep old dates up on this site, you leave me no choice but to comment, because I saw the performance of John and Heather in May, and it was divine, unexpected and delightful. They left me wanting more.
    Future listeners, if you see the name of these two people offered as a duo again, don’t hesitate, you will leave fully inspired and pleased down to your toes.

  2. And did I mention, I went to the Gator show the next night, and was so high from the music delivered between those two shows, that it took me a week to shake it off.
    Athenians, get out, hear and support your local musical treasures. It just might make you care.

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