JHGS Student Performance Opportunity

This year I’m going to be offering a sort of “honors recital” for those guitar students who can perform between 15-25 minutes of music. This event will take place at Donkey Coffee and Espresso on December 6, 2008 at 7:00pm.

We’ll need to limit the number of participants to about five or six people so if you would like to perform let me know and we’ll start preparing a set of music during your lessons this Fall.

For those that are able to perform I think this will be a great opportunity to get more comfortable on stage and truly let your music be heard! I also hope that those who do not perform that evening will come out to support this endeavor.

I haven’t figured out all of the details yet, but we’ll most likely charge a small cover charge to cover the expense of reserving the room and paying the sound technician and any money we make beyond that we’ll donate to a local charity. No cover charge for parents and we’ll decide on the charity later…

So whether you’d like to perform or be in the audience, hold the date!


The details:
John Horne Guitar Studio Student Showcase
Saturday December 6 2008 7:00pm
Donkey Coffee & Espresso
17 ½ West Washington Street
Athens OH 45701

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