Jamming With Pete Huttlinger!

So I’ve been trying to catch a Pete Huttlinger show for about three years now, but every time he’s in town I’ve had a gig. This past weekend Pete played 2 free performances at Fur Peace Ranch’s annual Holiday Faire where in addition to finally having a chance to hear him play in person, he invited me to sit in with him!

We played “Blue Monk”, “Blue Bossa”, “Autumn Leaves”, and “Silent Night”. Pete was very gracious and despite his overwhelming technical abilities he was very supportive easy to play with. Thanks Pete, it was an inspirational afternoon!

2 thoughts to “Jamming With Pete Huttlinger!”

  1. Congrats, John. That must have been a great gig. I suspect it had something to do with your recent acquisition of a Taylor 😉 . Happy Holidays!

  2. John,
    That must have been awesome! You have met so many great guitarists. I’m sure you have learned something from every one and enjoyed the experience.

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