I’m Taking Requests

According to my stats, I currently have between 50 and 100 visitors here each day. Most are folks looking for guitar lessons in my area, or are searching for something related to the content available here.

I’d like to increase traffic to my site, and I’d like to do that in part by offering more free content in my blog. But what should I write about? I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t want to blog for blogging’s sake, so I’m taking requests from my readers. What would you like to see here? Guitar tips and tricks? Mini-lessons? Artist Transcriptions? Product Reviews? Also, are you interested in a particular style of music? Jazz? Fingerstyle? Rock?

Please vote and/or leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see. You can explore the content I’ve already posted in the online lessons category.

Voting has closed. Thanks for participating!

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One thought to “I’m Taking Requests”

  1. How about a combination of the above choices. Give us an artist profile of sorts that will feature mini lessons directed around that particular player with short transcriptions from popular pieces of their music so we can get a feel of what they are doing. You could spotlight one artist this way for an entire month, offering tips, riffs, and sample pieces dedicated to their style and sound. Some names that would interest me most: L.Breau, Metheny, M. Hedges, P. Mulvey, T. Monk, E. Remler, Jobim, Sting, Mimi Fox, B. Galbraith, Scofield, Lubambo, Wes, Kaki King, T. Emmanuel, Hendrix, J.T., Clapton.
    Just a thought.

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