Holiday Schedule 2006

The schedule usually gets a little crazy during the holiday season and this year is no exception. Below is the schedule for guitar lessons for the remainder of this year. Please post it on your fridge or put the dates in your calendar, and if you have other conflicts, please let me know.

There will be no guitar lessons on the following days:

Monday December 18 through Monday January 1

Lessons will resume as usual on Wednesday, January 3

Next Year

A couple of things I’d very much like to institute next year is a regular time for groups of my students to get together and work through some music as an ensemble and a recital for individuals to and groups to perform in. The catch with scheduling occasional group lessons is that my schedule is currently maxed out (I have more than 50 private students each week and also teach classes at ACMS and Rio Grande) and so a group lesson would count as your lesson for the week

Many teachers successfully run their studio this way and students often feel that the group experience is a great chance to make new friends and practice using their musical skills in a group setting.

Does a group experience interest you (or your child)? How often would you consider giving up your private lesson for an ensemble? Once a month? Once every other month? Please consider this and let me know your thoughts so I can decide whether or not to try and implement a program like this in the coming months.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and dedication this year it’s a pleasure to work with all of my students and watch as you become better musicians with each passing week. Have a wonderful holiday season and keep playing your guitar over the break!

2 thoughts to “Holiday Schedule 2006”

  1. i remember this declaration of groups being made last year… and i’m still all for it.
    not the recital part, very unenthusiastic about that occurring. but not playing all the time by myself is definitely appealing and could do a world of good for those of us who would never have an ensemble experience otherwise.
    count me in.

  2. upon further thought, i’d like to throw out the possibility of duo’s. there’s a world of music available for two guitars, both jazz and classical, that would be fun to explore. it would also be easier to find matching time for two as opposed to many. why don’t you pair up students with same level and interests for this purpose, that want to pursue this avenue. i’m more than willing to share my lesson time slot with another fellow guitarist.

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