Guitar Lessons for the Week of April 10 2011

Students and families
Wow. Where to begin? It’s been quite a week. As many of you know by now Studio E Music has announced that it is going out of business. I only found out about this myself on Wednesday and was sworn to secrecy until this weekend. I have been teaching at Studio E Music in its various locations for 15 years now and moving to another appropriate space will be challenging. By next Monday I will likely be teaching in a new location but I have not finalized those details yet so I will have to let you know in a few days where that will be. If you have any suggestions for location I will be happy to hear them, though I’m kind of getting down to the wire on this decision.
For now please read my plans for the coming week below:

Monday Students
On Monday April 11 Studio E Music will be closed so they can prepare the store for a final liquidation sale. I will be in the former GNC location in the Market on State for that day only. The same place we met after the tornado. Not perfect but it will do. I may move into the back room for a little more quiet.

Wednesday Students
On Wednesday April 13 I will be teaching in Studio E but will be in the rear studio. It’s just though the screen door that was next to my studio.

Thursday Students
Please Note: On Thursday April 14 I will only be teaching until 5:00pm. Jordan, and everyone after 5:00pm – I’ll see look forward to seeing you next week! With all of the things going on behind the scenes last week I forgot to look ahead to this week. I will be performing at OU in a faculty recital with saxophone professor Matt James that night. I apologize for not giving you more notice.

For Thursday students through 4:30pm I will be teaching in Studio E but will be in the rear studio. It’s just though the screen door that was next to my studio.

All Students
For this week I will likely have a bare-bones teaching setup (no desk, printer, speakers, etc.). The store is currently pricing everything that’s not nailed down so I’m not going to leave any of my personal effects there.

The Sale
This coming week the store’s liquidation sale will begin. I am not completely sure of the timing of the sale but the notices that they have sent out state: “A private sale will begin at 10:00am on Wednesday, April 13th. A public sale will begin thereafter.” In any case, if you have had your eye on anything in the store this is the time to buy it as everything in the store will be discounted in the coming week.

And Finally…
There will be more announcements in the coming weeks as I decide how to proceed with my teaching practice. It’s actually kind of exciting. I look forward to continuing to help my students learn and grow as I move into this new phase. I you have any questions please call or email me.

John Horne

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