Guitar Lesson Changes in 2006

After seeing several of my students unite their efforts in ensemble settings, I’m moved to consider a possible change in lesson format in the coming year. This would involve having a series of private lessons as normal and then occasionally bringing together students of similar experience and age for a group lesson and ensemble practice in lieu of a regularly scheduled lesson. Many local piano teachers use a similar format and have found it to be popular among their students. I found that students who participated in the group rehearsals for the recital were more motivated and enjoyed the camaraderie of the experience.

If we do take on the group lessons I’ll have to decide how often to meet, and I’d like to get some suggestions. Should we meet once a month? Once every other month? Once a quarter? If you are a teacher or student who participates in a similar lesson arrangement please comment and share your thoughts on whether or not you find this to effective and enjoyable, and how often your groups meet.