Sold: Used L.R. Baggs Anthem Pickup System $199

Sold. Thanks for looking.

I purchased the new Anthem Tru-Mic Acoustic Microphone/Piezo Pickup system direct from L.R. Baggs in September. The system was installed and then uninstalled about 6 weeks later by the same professional luthier. Great sound, but not what I was looking for. Everything is as new except for the double-stick tape and the clips for the cables. I’d bet Baggs would send you some of that free or cheap. The Anthem system sells new for $299. My price does not include shipping but shipping fee will be reasonable.

4 thoughts to “Sold: Used L.R. Baggs Anthem Pickup System $199”

  1. Hi John,
    Nice site.
    Does sold mean that it has been sold or is it still available? Also, in either case, I would be very interested to hear more about why it wasn’t what you were looking for.



  2. Hey Luke.

    It’s sold. The title of the post used to read: “For Sale.”

    I wanted to like the Anthem, but I found it to have a very compressed and overly-bright sound. In order to achieve anything close to the tone I wanted I had to use very extreme EQ settings to cut the high frequencies.

    I have recently started using the MiniFlex microphone system and find that it has a much more natural and dynamic sound.

  3. Thanks John

    Thanks for the link to the Miniflex. From what i can hear it does sound much better than the Anthem.
    I appreciate your feedback. Speaking of which, and I hope I’m not bothering you too much with this, but do you think the Miniflex would work well in a “rockier” environment? By that I mean with loud drums and a full band, or would you say it is meant more for solo performance? I’m just trying to get a better idea of it’s resistance to feedback.
    Here is a link to my music if you’re interested:

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  4. The band sounds great! I like the atmospheric vibe. Honestly, I think the MiniFlex may be difficult to use in a loud rock environment. I think you could work out a way to avoid feedback, but it picks up a lot. Recently I was playing and my stomach growled – yes, it came right through the PA!

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