Five Guitar Masters Perfect For Holiday Giving

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for the guitarist in your life, you can’t go wrong with one of the many new (mostly) instrumental guitar releases that we’ve been blessed with over the past couple of months. Any one of these five recordings is sure to please even the most jaded or supercilious among us and would be a great way to introduce young players to the legends they may have yet to discover. By the way I just found out that amazon will let you email an instant mp3 gift to the folks on your list. How cool is that?

Follow the links to listen to samples at I hate to write descriptions about music so I have have provided ridiculous one-sentence reflections on the music below each link.

Paul Gilbert – Fuzz Universe
Virtuoso playing and vintage-y tones elevate visionary compositions.

Eric Johnson – Up Close
Sophisticated blues rock swirling in a lush atmospheric soundscape.

Joe Satriani – Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards
Rock mysticism, gritty funk, and a dash of industrial-strength electronica.

Jeff Beck – Emotion & Commotion
Muscular, soulful strat tones surrounded by a rich orchestral accompaniment.

Lee Ritenour – 6 String Theory
A schizophrenic but amazing offering featuring the talents of 19 top guitarists.

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