Feedback from Fall 2017-2018 Classes

Responses from MUS1650 Guitar for Music Therapy

• Professor Horne is a wonderful educator and I thoroughly enjoy his class!

• Professor Horne is awesome. I joined the class a week late due to schedule conflicts and he’s been incredible at helping me to succeed and he has a genuine love for teaching guitar. He makes the class fun while still being informative. It’s been great.

• Professor Horne made learning guitar so much less stressful than I thought it would be!

• Thanks to Professor Horne, I have improved drastically from the beginning of the year on the guitar. I feel very prepared to begin leading sessions in practicum next semester. I believe I was given a lot of information and advice to apply in my practicum and career.

Responses from MUS1651 Guitar for Non-Music Majors

• Down to Earth, friendly, always helpful

• Dr. Horne is very knowledgeable about the guitar and is able to teach clearly to students who have little to no knowledge about the guitar or music. He is personable and makes everyone in the class feel at ease. Whenever a student needs help with any guitar related things he is happy to help. He even gives us guitar advice outside of the course material, such as how to properly take care of our guitars.

• Great class to introduce guitar to people who are previously inexperienced to it. Teaches the basics of the instruments in a super fast and effective manner.

• Great professor!! loved this class!

• Professor Horne is an excellent teacher who cares deeply for the subject he teaches as well as the students who he is teaching it to.

Responses from MUS37700 Jazz Improvisation I (for Music Therapy Students

• John Horne is charismatic, and passionate about what he teaches. His awareness of course objectives within the context of an overarching curriculum are above that of any professor I’ve had thus far.

• Overall amazing class and professor. You are learning what we need for our careers, and makes it personalized from person to person in the class, rather it be music therapists or music education and performance, or instrumental vs vocal, he is individually invested in you as a person and musician. Each class is engaging and interactive and always makes sure the class is a safe space for each of his students. He is one of the best professors in the School of Music.

• Professor Horne is understanding of the business of the music therapy students and he doesn’t give us pointless assignments. He understands that we don’t have a lot of time in the class, so he teaches us useful and functional techniques to use in real life settings.

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