Feedback from Fall 2011-2012 Classes

Responses from MUS166 Guitar for Music Therapy

• John Horne is an awesome professor. His laid-back approach makes the class very fun and easy to learn. His passion and dedication to the guitar and teaching make him a great asset to the school of music. I really enjoy having him as a professor and I think he is one of the best professors in the school of music.

• Thank you for providing us with usable guitar repertoire for therapy purposes.

• You’re an awesome instructor that does a great job explaining different guitar techniques.

•I like that we can express things we want to learn about.

• Great teacher. Great class. Learned a lot.

• I feel that you are a really great teacher and i learn really well from your teaching style. I enjoy the laid back class and have become a much better guitar player.

• Fantastic teacher. Is patient and understanding.

• Horne is a dope guitar player. We should have a guitar major because he is that good.

Responses from MUS377A Jazz Improvisation

• Great class! I had lots of fun and would recommend it to anyone interested in jazz improv.

• Before this class I had no good approach to jazz improvisation and disliked having to do it, because I wouldn’t play well. Now I have a good concept and process to go through to help me play successfully and sound good.

•I Thought that being taught jazz improvisation skills and then learning music therapy improvisation skills was very well-structured in the class. Thanks!

• I enjoyed the class! Improv is challenging for me, but I felt comfortable trying new things in this class. Thanks!

•This class was very educational and I have learned a lot of new things that will be handy to use in the future.You are a great instructor and I always enjoy going to your class.

•This was a good introduction to jazz and improvising for someone who has never done much of either.

Responses from MUS165A Guitar for Non-Music Majors

• Mr. Horne displays a wealth of content knowledge and is very talented himself.

• Very helpful in and out of class.

• Class was awesome. Informative. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to learn about the fundamentals. Really looking forward to learning more in the future.

• John Horne is great. He was very enthusiastic and helpful!

• Keep doing what you’re doing.

• This is my second time taking this class and i love it. I’d take it with him again if I could.

•I enjoyed this class. I appreciate the music department allowing non-music majors the opportunity to take this class. Professor Horne was great.

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